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Congress is selling us out to the highest bidders - donors.  But our democracy is too precious not to fight for.

In January 2010, the Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs. FEC declared that corporations could spend unlimited amounts to affect our elections. But even before then, politicians have been listening to their donors, not the voters. PAY 2 PLAYtakes a look at the obstacles in running for office by creatively wrapping the experience around a board game parallel, with compelling insight into both the corruption that flourishes under our current campaign process, as well as exposing revelations about Citizens United. The film explores an array of campaign reform opportunities, proven legislation, and movements underway to reclaim America's democracy.  


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Our elections are broken and need to be fixed.  

Free for All! follows filmmaker John Ennis' journey to find out if the process for electing our leaders was secure. What he found throughout his investigative journey around pivotal swing state Ohio was a systematic breakdown in the electoral process from voter suppression to election fraud - when you watch this film you'll be mad as hell and want to change the system.  

"ENGROSSING, EVEN ENRAGING"  - Roger Ebert - 3 stars





Using social business to solve some of the world's most vexing problems.

What if you could harness the power of the free market to solve the problems of poverty, hunger, and inequality?  To some, it sounds impossible.  But Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is doing exactly that.  Bonsai People celebrates Yunus’ extraordinary humanitarian work, which started by lending $27 to 42 people out of his own pocket and has now grown to helping 1 out of every 1,000 people on earth.  But he didn’t stop there - whenever he sees a problem he starts a business, creating a mix between business and social work, which he’s coined “social business.”  By tackling some of the world’s most vexing problems from healthcare, education to alternative energy, he is demonstrating to the world that complex problems sometimes do have simple answers. Microcredit is just the tip of the iceberg!




Our bees are vanishing and we have the power to help. 

Vanishing of the Beesa feature-length documentary narrated by Ellen Page (Juno), takes a piercing investigative look at the economic, political and spiritual implications of the world wide disappearance of the honeybee, a potential ecological apocalypse that could topple our food chain and forever devastate our way of life.

Winner Best Documentary Idyllwild Film Festival 2011



Two groups get kids off the streets and break the cycle of domestic violence.

In the beautiful coastal city of Recife, Brazil - a world capital for sex tourism - a couple of determined women decided they would try to break the cycle of domestic violence and get kids off the streets.  Hummingbird goes onto the streets and sees the harsh reality these kids face and shows how these programs help break the cycle, using what they call the pedagogy of affection. 

The film follows the story of Adriana, a girl who left home at the age of six and had a daughter at age 11.  After seeing the cycle that leads kids to the street, these women began addressing family issues at the root of the problem and working with both the mind and body to overcome their trauma.  





The pharmaceutical industry is putting profits ahead of people's lives.

Money Talks is a straight shooting documentary exploring drug industry influence through interviews with key opinion leaders.  It’s a 50 minute education on the problems behind the pharmaceutical industry today.


- Meghann Matwichuk, ALA Round Table Committee 

*Recognized by the ALA's Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults


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A Smart and Sexy Comedy!  Karly Hert (Katherine Heigl) has spent the last ten years selling drugs...legally, that is.  She works for one of corporate America`s darlings, the pharmaceutical industry.  Karly has it all - a big salary, a company car, a closet full of hot business suits and a growing pit in her stomach...  Everything changes when she meets sexy Zach Danner (Lucian McAfee), a down-to-earth guy.  Sparks fly! 

As their relationship heats up, he encourages Karly to walk her talk and leave her empty job.  Karly devises a plan to get out - she begins being brutally honest with physicians about her drugs` "benefits." Ironically, her sales go through the roof and she is once again wooed by the seductive golden handcuffs.  Somehow leaving is never quite as easy as it seems...  Side Effects starring Katherine Heigl is the perfect prescription for a new comedy. 


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What single women go through to have a family in modern times.

Maybe Baby is an intimate, provocative documentary that takes a new look at the emotional and physiological journeys of 6 women in their '30s and '40s as they pursue pregnancy through the world of Assisted Reproductive Technology, a multi-billion dollar industry on the cutting edge of medicine and science. 



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Filmmaker Holly Mosher

Holly Mosher grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In high school she developed a passion for both photography and philosophy that led her to pursue filmmaking.  In her college entrance paper, she cited George Orwell’s idea that all art should be political, and today, uses that concept to guide her work. 

Holly graduated with honors from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. After graduating, she spent two years in Brazil working as an assistant picture and sound editor on four feature films, including the Oscar nominated film O Quatrilho.  Once back in the US, Holly went on to produce numerous commercials and feature films.  The Hollywood Reporter, named her among the top up-and-coming independent film producers in 2001.


In 2004, Holly decided to return to her true passion to unite political purpose with art.  Her directorial debut was the award-winning Hummingbird, an inspiring documentary about two non-profits in Brazil that work with street children and women who suffer domestic violence. The film got rave reviews and even inspired people to go to Brazil to volunteer with these NGOs.


Holly then went on to produce two films about the dangerous and misleading tactics of the pharmaceutical industry.  The films, Side Effects, starring Katherine Heigl, and Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety, received unprecedented international press attention and have been heralded for raising awareness about a timely and important topic.  Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety was honored by the American Library Association as a top pick of 2008.

To ensure that socially conscious films are brought to the public, Holly teamed up to launch Hummingbird Pictures, an independent film distribution company. Their motto is, “Making a difference, one drop at a time,” a theme taken from Holly’s first film Hummingbird


Holly has been involved with several other productions on the producing team.  She co-produced Maybe Baby, which presents the challenges facing older single women trying to get pregnant with modern medical technology; Free For All!, which explores election fraud; Vanishing of the Bees, starring Ellen Page; and most recently Pay 2 Play - looking at the influence of money in politics.


In 2011 Holly directed, Bonsai People - The Vision of Muhammad Yunus, which aired on public television.  And her 3 minute version of the film, The Impact of One, was a semi-finalist in Cinelan and GE’s Focus Forward Film Contest.


Holly frequently tours with her films, gets interviewed by the media and does speaking engagements around the world.  She served as President on the boards of Public Interest Pictures and the Social Enterprise Alliance – LA Chapter, and is on the advisory board of Empowerment Works.

Director - Hummingbird, Bonsai People
Co-Producer - Maybe Baby
Producer - Pay 2 Play, Free For All!,  Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety, Side Effects, Lady in the Box, Reeseville
Executive Producer - Vanishing of the Bees, Free For All!, Pay 2 Play

You can contact me at filmmakerforchange (at) gmail (dot) com 

And before I was doing films for positive change, I produced a couple of thrillers...  


LADY IN THE BOX is a first rate Hitchcockian murder mystery set on the dark industrial shores of Lake Michigan. 

Jerry (Darren Burrows - Northern Exposure) is a bartender looking for something to happen in his life.  He gets more than he bargains for when a patron at the bar (Mark Sheppard) offers him $500 to dump a steamer trunk into Lake Michigan.  After completing the deed, Jerry returns home to find his apartment the site of an apparent murder—with no sign of his girlfriend (Paige Rowland).  Panicked, he cleans up the scene, only to be blackmailed into committing another crime.  Jerry soon realizes he is merely a puppet—and will go down for murder unless he can turn the tables with the help of his best friend (Robert Knepper) and escape the nightmare that he himself wished for just a few nights earlier.

LADY IN THE BOX is available from Hollywood Video and Netflix.


REESEVILLE is a dark murder mystery set in a small town.

David (Brad Hunt) returns to his hometown, haunted by the fact that his mother died while giving birth.  Upon arrival, he is confronted by the harsh reality of his father’s suicide.  When Zeek (Mark Hamill - Star Wars), the town’s coroner, begins to suspect that it was not just a suicide, David becomes the prime suspect.  Jason (Brian Wimmer - China Beach), the town sheriff, tries to send David packing, not wanting to stir up his own buried secrets.

When David sticks around to romance Jason’s sister Iris (Majandra Delfino - Roswell), the tension mounts until the evil in REESEVILLEis revealed.